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Courses Available

Ready, Set, Recall!

This course is perfect for any dogs who need to improve their recall! Even in the face of distractions,. Suitable for all breeds, from spaniels and collies to huskies and hounds! Online course.

Confidence & Optimism Boost 

This course would be great for any dogs in need of some more confidence and optimism. Maybe you have a reactive dog, a dog that doesn't like noise, or perhaps they don't like other dogs or people, maybe they aren't great in certain situations. If that's the case then this course is for you! So many struggles benefit from an optimism and confidence boost! Online course.

Boundaries Bonanza 

Does your dog need better boundaries? Would it be nice if when you sent them to their bed they would stay there and be calm? Maybe you would like your dog to rest on a boundary between training sets at a training class? This course is for you! Online course.

If you would like to check out any of these courses please click the button below! 

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